Pass the Mic: Season One – Episode 2

Pass the Mic co-hosts Sapna Samant and Jhoan Rivas - in studio
Pass the Mic co-hosts Sapna Samant and Jhoan Rivas – in studio

0:00 – Good Hair

What does “good hair” mean to you? Krishna Ogwaro, originally from Uganda, and Clench and Yatta Enoka, originally from South Sudan, talk about what it means to them as teenagers in New Zealand.

0:16 – Community announcements

0:20 – Panel: Tangata whenua and refugees

Paying respect to the tangata whenua seems like an obvious thing to do when migrants and refugees come to Aotearoa/New Zealand. But does this actually happen? What would it look like if it did?

Multicultural NZ executive director Tayo Agunlejika (right), ChangeMakers Refugee Forum board member CB Dahal (left) and Pass the Mic co-host Sapna Samant.
Some of the members of the second panel: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum board member CB Dahal, left; Multicultural NZ’s Tayo Agunlejika; and Pass the Mic’s Sapna Samant.

0:49 – Interview: Noor Parkar

Noor Parkar is a resettlement expert with the UN’s refugee agency in Amman, Jordan, where he works to help hundreds of thousands of people seeking refuge from violence in Syria.

Before that, Noor was the immigration manager at the Mangere Resettlement Centre in Auckland.

And, before that, he came to New Zealand as a refugee himself – as a 13-year-old with his parents and siblings, fleeing Uganda under Idi Amin.

He talks about his experiences working with refugees and what he’s learned.



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Antonio Sanchez – Doors and Distance
Joan Baez – Guantanamera

Originally broadcast 13 October 2015 on Wellington Access Radio 783AM