Left to right: Krishna Ogwaro, Dr Sapna Samant and Jhoan Rivas
The team: Krishna Ogwaro, Dr Sapna Samant and Jhoan Rivas

Pass the Mic is a show by and about refugee communities in New Zealand/Aotearoa, brought to you by Wellington Access Radio 738AM and ChangeMakers Refugee Forum and produced by Holy Cow Media.

Join us for short radio documentaries, interviews with successful former refugees, news, panel discussions and music from around the world.

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Got a song request or a story idea? Would you like to help make the show? Email passthemicnz@gmail.com or message @PassTheMicRadio on Twitter.

Meet the team

  • Dr Sapna Samant
    Pass the Mic co-host and producer Sapna Samant is passionate about story-telling, diversity and community. She works as a GP at Porirua Union and Community Health Service in Cannons Creek, and makes radio at Holy Cow Media. She also makes delicious lamb biryani.
  • Jhoan Rivas
    The show’s other co-host, Jhoan Rivas, has a passion for graphic design, music and all things technical. He was born in Colombia, and is in his final year at Hutt Valley High School.
  • Krishna Ogwaro
    Krishna Ogwaro, 16, moved from Uganda to New Zealand in 2005. She is thinking about a career in media, and has been making short radio documentaries for Pass the Mic.
  • Tayyaba Khan
    ChangeMakers Refugee Forum general manager Tayyaba Khan has experience managing refugee services in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia. She provides advice and guidance behind-the-scenes with the show.